terrorist     Former LTTE Trincomalee leader  indicted on charges of having attacked army camps, assaulting soldiers and killing them was acquitted by the Trincomalee High Court Judge. The former LTTE leader was freed by court due to poor evidence in a case related to a 2001 attack on a military installation.

He functioned as the LTTE leader of Palampatar and was indicted by the Attorney General under the 1979 Prevention of Terrorism Act. Sivasubramaniam Varadanathan alias Paduman was freed due to poor evidence, High Court Judge Amal Ranarajah said. The judge in acquitting the accused said the confession made by the accused was full of contradictions and as such decided to acquit him in the case heard in the Trincomalee Courts for two years.

Paduman had been held in LTTE custody since March 2004 for his alleged involvement in the revolt spearheaded by Karuna Amman, the then Batticaloa leader. Paduman surrendered to the army on the Vanni East front during the last phase of the conflict in early 2009.

Paduman represented the LTTE at negotiations during the peace talks arranged by Norway during the Ranil Wickremesinghe’s tenure as the Premier.

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