US / UK and UN – why should we believe them now on Syria

Syria chemical attack    US and Allies have no legal or moral right to set foot on any country or declare war on any country having forfeited its right because of their lies and manipulations.  History does not support US claims of being a liberator and the US needs to desist from pretending to be one.

According to Gen. Wesley Clark the plan to invade Syria was plotted in 2001. If that’s true and we know that Iraq invasion was also manipulated then we should not be the least surprised when media prostitutes itself to deliver us another set of lies.

In 2004 Kofi Annan then UN Secretary General admitted the Iraq invasion was not legal “I have indicated it was not in conformity with the UN charter. From our point of view and from the charter point of view it was illegal.”  But UN did nothing to stop the crimes, UN could do nothing to stop the crimes and UN would do nothing to stop the crimes by US and Allies even now.

Hands off Syria until US / NATO/ EU and the UN admit in public to lying about all of the military invasions that have taken place starting with Iraq. It is time the world knew every manipulation that went into the bombing blitz that turned ancient cities to ruins and left scores of people as refugees inside their own homes and not a word gets said about resettling or rebuilding their destroyed homes.

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