tna 2      The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today urged the government to abandon the acquisition of land in the north and east in the adjournment Motion moved by R. Sampanthan TNA Leader.

R. Sampanthan told parliament that the government was taking over land, including land owned by the son of former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar in his speech. TNA Leader R. Sampanthan slammed the Government’s ongoing forcible acquisition of land belonging to Northern Tamils, claiming it was part of a greater design to alter the demographic in the predominantly Tamil area.

According to the TNA Leader, the Government was forcibly keeping some 25,000 rightful owners of 6381 acres of land in Valikamam in the Northern Province. Many of them have now sought legal action against these moves by the Government, Sampanthan said.

“Even the late Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar’s son is one of the petitioners filing action against the forceful acquisition of his private property,” he told the House.

He mentioned nine issues pertaining to the land matter is the North and the east.

He said that the government had on an earlier occasion assured that land not required for some projects in Sampur in the east will be returned to the original owners by Minister Basil rajapaksha, but that has not happened

The TNA Leader said the move indicated a greater design to alter the cultural and linguistic identity of the North and East and to change the demographic composition.Sampanthan said that four years after the war ended, high security zones still remain in the Jaffna peninsular. “Many Northern families are unable to return to their land and resettle because of this involvement by the Government,” he claimed.

The TNA’s decision to raise the adjournment motion on the Northern land struggles resulted in Parliament being suspended for about 15 minutes after objections were raised by UPFA MP A.H.M. Azwer.

A Party Leaders’ meeting was then summoned to decide on the issue. Sampanthan was then permitted to take up the issue after he agreed to leave names and details pertaining to ongoing cases against land acquisition out of his remarks before the House.

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