pitch invader      The CID informed the Colombo Chief Magistrate that the suspect who invaded Britain’s Cardiff cricket grounds carrying a Tiger flag during the semifinals between Sri Lanka and India at the ICC Champions Trophy had appeared internationally under three other names.

It said the suspect was also absconding Courts in Thailand after he was released on bail in a case where he was charged with committing ATM frauds in Thailand by fraudulently withdrawing more than Rs.8 million from ATMs.

The CID told Magistrate Pilapitiya that the suspect Logeswaran Manimaran had used three other names — Sudeswaramoorthy Yasodaran Narayana Swamy Mohan, Mohanraja Subramium and Edwin.

They said that the suspect was using a British Passport issued in the name of Narayana Swamy Mohan and had come to Sri Lanka several times using this passport.

The CID requested Court to order the arrest of the suspect in the event he attempts to enter Sri Lanka using this passport.

The CID told the Magistrate that it had initiated investigations on a complaint by Hatton National Bank Manager U.N.I. Alagan that he had made fraudulent withdrawal of cash from the bank’s ATMs.

The CID said its investigations had revealed that the suspect had withdrawn more than three billion rupees from several private banks in the country.

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