bodu bala sena logo     In a formal correspondence, the Bodu Bala Sena organization has urged China’s Xinhua news website ( to publish a correction of an article which had claimed the BBS of requesting the government to ban the Hijab of the Muslim women.

Speaking to ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’, the CEO of the BBS – Dilanthe Withanage said that the organization had not urged the government to ban the Hijab of the Muslim women but instead, had requested to ban clothing that would cover the face, providing a cover for persons such as terrorists.

Speaking at a media conference yesterday (08), General Secretary of the BBS – Ven. Galabodaaththe Gnanasara thero said that covering faces has backed activities of terrorists.

Noting that there is a right to know whether the person in front of oneself is a man or a woman, the thero said that these clothings covering daces used in terrorist and drug activities have posed a threat to national security and could even lead to an ethnic strife in the future.

Adding that even courts in Belgium have ruled that banning of such clothing is not a violation of human rights, the thero further said that wearing clothing that covers the face is punishable by law and anyone doing so faces a fine of 150 Euro.

The BBS’s request to Xinhua to publish a correction is as follows :

”I am Dilanthe Withanage, CEO of The Bodu Bala Sena. We have to report that the above news report is completely wrong.. as an international media you have to be very careful of quality and integrity of your reporting. In today’s press conference we never used the word hijab. But we spoke about burqa. They are two different things. We spoke of banning face covering clothings in France, Belgium etc..we never had mass rallies islandwide on cattle slaughtering. I think this reporting is done purposely to tarnish our image. We never spoke anything against traditional Muslim clothing called hijab…

We request you to correct your report. We do have all recording and we can prove that your reporting is wrong…”(Sri Lanka Mirror)

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