TNA DPF meeting The TNA and DNPF leaders met to discuss about the 13th amendment and steps to be taken by the Tamil and Muslim political parties  at the northern provincial council election.

TNA leader R.Sambanthan, general secretary Mawai Senathiraja, Selvam Adaichalanathan, M Sumanthiran and K.Sarweswaran  and leader of the Democratic People Front Mano Ganesan, Assistant general secretary Shan. Gugawaradhan, media secretary Baskaran Chinathambi and the administrative secretary Priyanai Gunaratne were present at this discussion.

Meanwhile S Chandrakanth (Pillayan) the former EPC Chief Minister was addressing a gathering at a cultural event in Koralaippattu in the Batticaloa District yesterday (24) said “In the past few days the issue of the 13th Amendment has taken centre stage with several political parties expressing different views on the amendment.However, no one should attempt to meddle with the 13th Amendment, which is aimed at devolving powers to the Provinces.

Any change introduced to the Amendment will adversely affect the reconciliation between the communities in the country. We are not for weakening the 13th Amendment. We believe the amendment would pave the way for greater devolution in order to fulfill the political aspirations of the Tamils. Therefore, we are prepared to join hands with the political parties, which share the same views on strengthening the 13th Amendment and not weakening it,” Pillaiyan said.

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