Country loses 150 MW power daily due to breakdown

Power lines      The country continues to lose nearly 150 MW of low cost hydro power daily and this trend would continue with the possibility of repairs to a Kukule Ganga turbine taking about one year, engineers warned yesterday. Two plants at Kukule, which contributed 75 MW to the national grid, were out of order due to different reasons.

Sources declined to give an exact time frame for repairs saying that parts needed for the repair differed from plant to plant and they had to be identified and manufactured. He said that the CEB wanted both plants to run parallel.

The annual maintenance work at one of the three turbines at the 210 MW Victoria would take another 10 days or more. CEB General Manager M.C..Wickramasekara said that there was sufficient hydro generation and there was no need to generate full capacity from hydro plants. CEB General Manager said that all reservoirs are at spill level and that hydropower generation is at a maximum.

Meanwhile the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) will continue with the fuel surcharge, in-spite of the increase in hydropower generation in the country.

The CEB previously assured consumers that the fuel surcharge would be removed with the increase in hydropower generation.

“The power requirement per day is around 30 to 31 million KW hours, while the hydropower generation at present is at 21 .3 million KWH and thermal 7.4 million KW hours and wind 1.3 million KW hours,” he has said

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