Education Unions demand action against NWPC member

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Teacher punished by PC     

The Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) has warned that it would launch trade union action if punitive action is not taken against UPFA Wayamba Provincial Council member Ananda Sarath Kumara for forcing a female teacher, at Navagaththegama Maha Vidyalaya to kneel down in her class for reprimanding his daughter.

A female teacher of Nawagaththegama Navodya School of Puttalam district has complained to Nawagaththegama police that Northwestern Provincial Councilor Ananda Sarath Kumara made her kneel down in school as a punishment.The teacher said she faced the situation as she had warned the daughter of the Provincial Councilor for wearing a short school uniform.

The politician, an SLFPer in the Wayamba PC, reacted angrily over the teacher admonishing his daughter for wearing a short frock. CTU Secretary Stalin said that the UPFA member’s action was meant to terrorise teachers. The trade unionist alleged that the government was responsible for the rapid deterioration of law and order, with its provincial councillors and local government members violating the law with impunity.CTU Secretary Joseph Stalin alleged that the failure on the part of the SLFP-led ruling coalition to take tangible action against those responsible for various offences had influenced and encouraged indiscipline among ruling party politicians.

Acting on the complaint, the police arrested the politician  the Anamaduwa police area on Saturday, and produced the Provincial Councillor before Puttalam Acting Magistrate Mohamed Iqbal who remanded him till June 18.

Subsequent to the incident at the school, last Friday (June 14), a gang of persons on motorcycles had surrounded the teacher’s residence in the night to intimidate her. Having brought the incidents to the notice of the Wayamba Governor as well as the Chief Minister, Stalin urged the government to ensure the safety and security of the teacher.

ගුරුවරියට එල්ල වන මැර තර්ජන…

වයඹ පලාත් සභාවේ එජනිස සභික ආනන්ද සරත් කුමාර අතින් බලහත්කාරයෙන් දණ ගැස්වීමට ලක් වූ නවගත්තේගම නවෝද්‍යා මහා විද්‍යාලයේ ගුරුවරියට එල්ල වන මැර තර්ජන තරයේ හෙළි දකින බව ලංකා ගුරු සංගමය කියා සිටී. එම සංගමයේ ලේකම් ජෝසප් ස්ටාලින් පවසන්නේ, එම ගුරුවරියගේ නිවසට පැමිණි මැරවරයන් පිරිසක් ඇයට සහ ඇයගේ ස්වාමියාට තර්ජනය කර ඇති බවයි. සැකකාර එජනිස පළාත් සභා සභිකයා අත්අඩංගුවට ගෙන රක්ෂිත බන්ධනාගාර ගතකර තිබෙන අතර, ඔහුගේ සහචරයින්ගෙන් ගුරුවරියට තවදුරටත් තර්ජන එල්ල වෙමින් පවතින බව ස්ටාලින් මහතා කියා සිටී.

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