TNA opposed to amending 13th amendment

tna 2    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) expressed its opposition to the government’s proposal to amend or dilute the 13th Amendment, claiming it was meant for the solution of the national question.

Speaking to journalist in Colombo, TNA Spokesman and Jaffna District MP, Suresh Premachandran, said: “The 13th Amendment, which came with the Indo-Lanka Accord, also has a close connection and link with the Provincial Council Act which were seen to be solutions to the ethnic question, as the representatives of the Tamil people, the government must also consult us prior to making such a landmark decision as this is something that concerns the people of the North and the East.” He also claimed there was a clause in the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and the Provincial Councils Act that, any Provincial Council could merge with a neighbouring Provincial Council, by passing a simple resolution within the two Provincial Councils, despite the government demerging the Northern and the Eastern Province through a Supreme Court order.

He also said the government had to either get the consent of all Provincial Councils to amend/dilute the clauses relating to land and police powers, or procure a two-thirds majority in the House. “But now the government claims it need not have either the approval of all the Provincial Councils or have a two-third majority. The government also claims that what it needed was a simple majority which we totally reject,” he said.

Premachandran went on to say there was no official confirmation from the government about amending the 13th Amendment, and added he had read a story in that regard in the newspapers.

He further said the TNA would also take a decision on whether to contest the Northern Provincial Council polls in the event the government decides to dilute or amend the 13th Amendment as it stands.

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