21st is only a beginning – Lal Kantha

strike     The strike action declared for the 21st is not the final move but is only symbolic says the President of the  National Trade Union Center (NTUC) K.D. Lal Kantha in a letter to the President.

Mr. Lal Kantha states that the government that has got scared of the strike action declared by the Coordinating Committee for Trade Union Alliance and responding to this the government attempts to spread fear that the action on the 21st is a ‘˜conspiracy to topple the government, a conspiracy to deny the freedom that has been won, a combined conspiracy of the JVP,TNA & UNP and a united conspiracy of western powers, NGOs and separatist forces.

Mr. Lal Kantha, states, certain ministers, who pretends to be trade union leaders and journalists who writes falsehood for a living are carrying out a mudslinging exercise.

In his letter Mr. Lal Kantha asks the President to implement the following proposals:

1. Withdraw  the increased electricity tariffs

2. Issue a circular to stop paying electricity bills of ministers with public funds

3. Abolish all corrupt agreements with private thermal power companies and enter into new agreements that would be beneficial to    the CEB, private investors as well as the consumers.

4. Cast away plans to privatize generation, transmitting and distribution of electricity

5. Take measures to put up coal power stations

6. Import and stock crude oil necessary for the refinery at Sapugaskanda

8. Take measures to modernize the refinery to increase its production

9. Take steps to establish a new refinery

10. Produce fertilizer and agrochemicals necessary for the agriculture and make them easily available for farmers.


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