unp eleph trg      The people in the country should stand up for their rights and demand from their rulers, UNP Badulla District parliamentarian Harin Fernando said.

“What people in this country can do is to stand up for their rights and demand and UNP is always prepared to fight along with the people,” Mr Fernando told at a function in Badulla

According to the opposition MP, over two thirds of the general population will be subjected to very high electricity prices in the coming months.

Meanwhile the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, a Germany-based International Non-Government Organization (INGO), has held a two-day special workshop for United National Party (UNP) Members of Parliament, Local Government bodies and Provincial Councils, at the official residence of the Mayor in Colombo.

The workshop provided strategies on ‘how to defeat the present government and bring the UNP back into power. ‘The workshop was conducted on 14 and 15 May. The chief speakers at the workshop included Manfred Risher, former Mayor of Germany and a senior Liberal Party committee member.

The United National Party (UNP) is  also to seek the opinion and views of the public on the draft constitution being prepared by the party which they hope to make public on the 29th of this month.

The draft constitution also proposes that a person would have to end his\her political career and be independent once elected as the president and would not be able to hold any Cabinet portfolios.

The number of Ministers is to be restricted to 25 while the number of Deputy Ministers would be 30 in the new constitution  and  those who change parties would lose the membership of the party and  anyone  convicted in court losing the portfolio according to the draft.

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