ranil 2      Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe addressing the National Bar association on its 40th anniversary celebrations said a new constitution shall be introduced by him to safeguard Democracy and that will be a model for the world. The research division of the UNP expects to incorporate the proposals of other parties, civil Organizations and the people in the new constitutional amendments, Wickremesinghe added.

“Is it Executive Presidency we choose or Cabinet Westminister government system? As I told you, the 78th Executive Presidency has already been usurped and finished. Hence, it cannot be repaired via amendments. Then which system are we going to follow? Is it going to be the Prime Ministerial system?”

“That too has proved a flop today in South Asia. The Pakistan military Forces were able to carry on its governance while having civil administration. What has happened today?  We thought India was the best. Today India too has completely failed. The Cabinet system is floundering. The party leader is one person and the Prime Minister is another person. In my view this has also failed in its implementation in South Asia.”

“Let us think a little more deeply afresh and see what our country truly needs, and create a new system of governance compatible with that. A number of countries have introduced new constitutions, namely South Africa, South Korea, Poland and Finland .We are going to take all those into consideration and introduce a new set of proposals.

Let us bear in mind the most important factor that is in our country at this moment people are disgusted of politics. People are now thinking it is all the same whether it is this party or another party coming into power. They are wondering whether we will also conduct ourselves like this regime if we are installed in power, and abuse power like them. This is what is preying on their minds.”

“We shall enact a constitution that will take us ahead and our country forward within South Asia and all of Asia. We shall create a model constitution on Democracy to the whole world. We shall be commencing our preliminary discussions in this regard towards the end of May.”

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