Govt Drafting New Constitutional Amendment

constitutional amendment   The United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) Government is planning to reduce the terms of office of the Executive President and Chief Justice as well as restricting the powers of Provincial Councils and that the Govt is currently engaged in drafting the required amendments to the present Constitution.

the President’s term of office is to be reduced from six years to five,and also to enable the incumbent President to seek new elections after being in office for three years.The Govt also intends restricting the term of office held by a Chief Justice to five years.

The Govt also intends to bring about far reaching changes to the existing power structure of the Provincial Councils set up under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution brought about by the India-Sri Lanka accord of July 29th 2013.

An important change to be effected in this regard relates to Police powers. Another area where the power and scope of the Provincial council is to be curbed relates to land and land alienation.

Apart from Policing and lands the Govt is also examining the question of imposing further restrictions on another six subjects where both the Central and Provincial administrations exercise concurrent powers at present. The Govt is thinking of taking away fully these subjects from within the purview of the Provincial councils.

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