US defence pact proposed to the Maldives,

Maldives US    A draft of US defence pact proposed to the Maldives, was leaked to the media a few days ago.

 The US defence draft was seeking to convert the entire Maldivian archipelago into anUS base: Free movement of US defence personnel on the land, air and sea of the Maldives, use of the Maldivian territory for US installations and technological deployment built by its own contractors, no boarding and inspection on US aircraft and vessels, border control of the facilities vested with the USA, diplomatic status to the US military personnel and there by no action by Maldives against any criminal activities of them, no claim by Maldivians on any death or destruction to property, and above all not taking any disputes to any national or international court, tribunal or similar body or any third party.

The Maldivian media Minivan on Wednesday, related the defence draft initiation to the challenges anticipated by the USA on its lease of Diego Garcia of the Chagos archipelago from Britain, where the USA is currently having a base of nuclear facilities.

The inhabitants of Chagos were evacuated to Mauritius in 1965, and the UK paid money to Mauritius to hand over Chagos to the USA in return for some defence benefits, Minivan said.

Read draft of agreement:



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