Sri Ranga on threats made on the MTV/MBC

sri ranga   General Secretary of the Citizens’ Front Parliamentarian J. Sri Ranga expressed the following views on the threats that have been made on the MTV/MBC Media Networks and its journalists.

”This is not something new. The Sirasa media had problems for a long period of time. They had threats for the past fifteen years. The reason behind this is because Sirasa exposes the politicians and institutes that worked against the people and investigated them and also provided the people with the news they needed to know.””There are individuals who are working against fraud, corruption and violation of human rights. A group that cannot tolerate this is engaged in this campaign. They have hurled stones at this institute. However, no arrests have been made as yet and no one has been brought before the law.””This institute was attacked with bombs. Today, the government is saying that they did not do it and that someone else did it. No one is taking responsibility for this,” stated General Secretary of the Citizens’ Front MP J. Sri Ranga

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