President Urged to Contain Buddhist Attacks on Muslims

muslim    In a letter to President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka, Mr. N.M. Ameen, President Muslim Council of Sri Lanka has urged the President to contain attacks on Muslims by Buddhist extremists.

The letter says:

“The Muslim community has recently been targeted by extreme Buddhist groups… on the basis of our religious beliefs and cultural practices and erroneous assumptions regarding the increase in our numbers. These groups who are targeting all minority religions have created a great sense of unease among Muslims throughout the country. Their campaign has also affected all businesses — not just Muslims — and resulted in a threat to the maintenance of law and order affecting all communities….

“These groups have been using the traditional media, social media, public meetings, posters, leaflets, and the circulation of rumours and misinformation insulting Muslims to inculcate a sense of fear and hatred of Muslims among Sinhalese. They are using abusive language when referring to our religious practices and publicly calling for a boycott of businesses run by Muslims.”

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