Ablaze Ever, Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hacker defaces three government websites

cyber attacks   The web sites of the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms (reprimin.gov.lk), the Chief Government Whip of Parliament (govtwhip.gov.lk), and the Deyata Kirula Exhibition (deyatakirula.gov.lk),  had been attacked by a Bangaladeshi hacker known as Ablaze Ever.

According to the hackers, they’ve breached the sites as a form of protest against the “disrespect of Islam.”

“I protest against disrespect of ‘Islam.’ Why do you insult ISLAM when we don’t INSULT your RELIGION?!?! Last warning for Sri Lanka government. Stop This!!” the hacker wrote on the defaced websites.

“In this protest, the cut-outs and banners read: Sri Lanka is not an Arab country for making halal foods. Halal is a death trap to destroy the Sinhala nation. One of cut-out had a picture of a pig with ‘Allah’ written on it. And they burnt an effigy named ‘Halal’” it had stated.

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