Ay comd.jpg 2 (200x188)      The Sri Lanka Army is preparing its troops to adapt to a peacetime army similar to what was in operation before the war with Tamil Tiger terrorists broke out in 1983, and it is a daunting task, the Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya said addressing troops at a function held in Jaffna on Thursday (04) during his customary island-wide New Year visits to extend greetings for the forthcoming New Year.

The Army Commander said  most of the present day troops joined the organization while the war was on and have not seen peacetime prospects and only a handful officers including himself were in the Army before 1983.

“Since I assumed office as the Commander, we are intent on transforming the Army, to be identical to the pre 1983 peacetime state of the organization because only a handful of officers, including myself experienced peacetime Army before 1983,” Lieutenant General Jayasuriya told the troops.

He recalled that before 1983 the Army did not have even a camouflage uniform.

He said efforts are being made to change “this psychological milieu” for the troops to adapt themselves to peacetime prospects unlike in the warfare but it is a challenging task.

“It is a daunting task which I am trying to do with those serving troops and that transformation for peacetime requirements needs close guidance and surveillance,” the Commander said in his address.

The Army Commander called upon all the troops to commit firmly to the development of the country while safeguarding the good image of the organization at all times.

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