IPKF    If India demands Sri Lanka holds a “credible investigation”. Sri Lanka must oblige India. Firstly, it must cover India’s role in creating, training, financing and supporting the LTTE as a terrorist movement and India’s war crimes committed on Sri Lankan citizens by the IPKF.

If US says the Resolution is an expression of support then the international community must support Sri Lanka to ensure India does not obstruct investigations into crimes by India.

RAW head said to Rajiv Gandhi “Don’t worry about the LTTE, they are our boys, they will not fight us(IPKF)” – LTTE fought back because IPKF were killing and raping Tamils in North Sri Lanka while a former Maj. Gen. of the Indian army declares Indian soldiers killed over 20,000 Tamil civilians in Northern Sri Lanka! IPKF prohibited the entry of international human rights organizations like Amnesty, ICRC from entering the North

IPKF came to be called the Innocent People Killing Force because they killed civilians! IPKF was sent to Sri Lanka without the consent of the Indian Parliament.

The scale of crimes committed by Indian troops in Sri Lanka has gone unnoticed. This corroborates with Former LTTE military commander turned Minister V. Muralitharan or Karuna Amman who claims that the LTTE female cadre who killed Rajiv had been raped by the IPKF. While even the Supreme Court of India in its verdict claimed that the Rajiv assassination was a retaliation for the IPKF atrocities against Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Thereafter, Prabakaran was flown by Indian plane to India and to show India meant business, India violated Sri Lanka’s airspace dropping 25 tons of food in the North. The irony is that while no Sri Lankan has ever to date died of hunger hundreds die in India without food.

Reconciliation cannot conceal India’s treacherous role to destabilizing and take over Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka must not shy from telling the world the truth. (eurasiareview)

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