Sampanthan welcomes resolution

bbc         Welcoming the adoption of the UNHRC resolution 22/1 on Sri Lanka, the leader of the TNA, R Sampanthan, praised India’s support to it.

Asked for TNA’s position on the passing of the resolution in an interview to BBC Tamil, R Sampanthan, said:

“We welcome the passing of the resolution. The resolution was tabled a few weeks ago.. there were changes in the final days, however, this resolution is along the lines of the resolution previously passed.”

Stating that the inclusion of the office of the UN High Commissioner’s expert report was an important component of the resolution, Sampanthan stated that the resolution called for the implementation of the report’s recommendations.

“Although the resolution does not call for an international investigation, when it calls for the implementation of the office of UN High Commissioner’s report, this [an international investigation] is included in that.”

“The most important thing is that the resolution needed to be passed. Even though the US brought a stronger resolution initially, in order to get the resolution passed with the support of other countries, it accepted the views of other countries, and got it passed.”

Expressing happiness at the passing of the resolution, Sampanthan pointed once again to the reference to an international investigation via the HC’s report, and that Sri Lanka was being asked to hold an credible and independent investigation.

“Instead of focusing on the parts that we are not content with, it’s important to view it as a whole,” he continued.

Asked if the TNA was content with India’s position on the resolution, Sampanthan replied:

“They voted in favour of the resolution. They did not vote against it.”

Dismissing criticism of India for not actively supporting the resolution, Sampanthan defended India stating that there were no reports the government of India had worked against the resolution, and did not take up such a position in their parliament or public statements.

“India voted in favour of the resolution. That’s an important point. They voted in favour last time too. Last time, it was not known whether they would vote in favour or against till the final moment.”

“In order to solve this problem, India’s help is essential to us. India’s contribution is vital to us. And therefore, we must work with India in a manner that ensures we can receive their help, and continue to receive their help, and also so that India’s concern on this issue continues.”

Arguing that this was an unavoidable, but vital necessity, Sampanthan said, “I believe we must act acknowledging this.”

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