Internatio​nal community comments on SriLanka at General Debate

trial         The General debate of the 45th meeting on the 22nd regular session of Human Rights Council commenced last morning. The United Nations Human Rights Council will vote on resolutions for two days – Thursday and Friday. The US resolution on Sri Lanka is listed first for Thursday. Sri Lanka will oppose the resolution when it is introduced and call for a vote on the resolution.

There are 47 countries in the council including Libya which is currently suspended. The remaining 46 countries will vote on the US resolution. US expects that at least 30 countries will back the resolution.

In case India wants to move an amendment, it will need 24 members to back the amendment.

During the time of debate several nations made favourable and unfavourable comments against SriLanka

Thailand – Welcomed the UPR process and requested to implement LLRC recommendations in the country. It also urges to follow better process on resettling displaced people in the country. Sri Lankan government should give priority introduce proper mechanism to implement national action plan in the country.

Sri Lanka should hold continues discussions with UN Human Rights Commission. UNHRC commissioner should visit Sr iLanka further delay which would help to grant technical assistance to the country.

China – International community should re-accountability on technical assistance against Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan national action plane helped to implement LLRC recommendations in the country.

Government has resettled people and help to upgrade their life styles in the country. International community should step forward to support for the economic development of Sri Lanka.

Norway – We welcome the LRRC recommendations, demining activities, resettlement activities carried out by the Lankan government and developments achieved in the war zones. SriLanka should submit reconciliation political solution in the country. This solution should accepted by all communities.

Sustainable peace will help minority communities to lead peaceful life in their motherland.  At present Lankan government should pay special attention on maintaining religious equality among all communities in SriLanka. International community always ready to help Lankan to implement LLRC recommendations which would help to solve long term domestic issue in the grounds. Norway supports all the actions taken by the UNHRC against Sri Lanka.

United Kingdom – UK expressed concern over harassments on human rights activists and journalists in the country. Impeachment motion against Chief Justice Raises questions on implementing rule of law in the country. Country willing to hoist the upcoming Commonwealth meeting should follow democratic pathway.

Implementing LLRC recommendations would help Sri Lankans to enjoy better basic human rights in their motherland. UK expressed disappointment over delay on implementing national action plane. Lankan government should hold independent investigations on Channel-4 video footages. At last UK said we are hope SriLanka will hold successful northern provincial council election in month of September.

Cuba – Cuba welcomes the Lankan stance on the UNHRC session. We are always ready to support Sri Lanka to achieve human rights development in their country. The UN report says SriLanka never engage dialogue with international community. We thoroughly condemn this statement Sri Lanka continuously hold dialogue with international community and release all information’s about the country. UNHRC commissioner should accept the invitation made by the Lankan government. Cuba always willing to have true corporation with Sri Lanka.

Vietnam –  expressed favourable comments on Sri Lanka and said long term process would help to achieve better reconciliation in the country. Holding dialogs with the minority communities will help to overcome the present situation.

The Delegation of the Russian Federation, while making a joint statement on behalf of 14 countries: Belarus, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Uganda, Venezuela and Zimbabwe stated that “ We note that the objective of the resolution 19/2 was to mandate the OHCHR to provide, in consultation with and with the concurrence of the Government of Sri Lanka, advise and technical assistance on implementing the said resolution ; and to request OHCHR to present a report to the Council on the provision of such assistance.


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