malinga   The incident involving the Sri Lankan cricketer ‘slinger’  Lasith Malinga when he confronted with the media personnel during the period of signing of the players in front of the SLC premises had now become a real joke in all quarters of the country including school boys, payment hawkers, General Public and even amongst the Members of the Parliament.

These days when some is met the question that is asked is ‘Why you haven’t seen me before’ This joke was Dayasirispread in the Parliament also.

When the Minister of Sports Mahindananda Aluthgamage had tried to ask a question from Member of  Parliament of the UNP’s Dayasiri Jayasekara he had quipped saying ‘Why you have not seen me before’.

Cricketer Separamadu Lasith Malinga had been born on the 28th August 1983 in Galle. He was a native of Ratgama, more famous for thugs,. When the Ratgama people smile it is very nice. But not when they get angry they are really bad which famous saying, but such a thing was not seen in Malinga. But he possessed a roaring figure.

The Ratgama village was small and has had a population of around one thousand people was 12 kilometres way from Galle town. He was born to a very ordinary family. He had loved the game of cricket from his younger days. He had been playing tennis ball cricket in coconut lands, on by lanes etc..He has had no intention of playing cricket at higher levels.

As a youngster while attending Galle’s Vidyaloka  Vidyalaya  the peculiar way he bowled wasmalinga 2

Malinga did not prolong his studies beyond the C=GCE O/levels.Instead of studies he chose cricket .He had a different type of action not familiar to any other, his action was square arm. Owing to his action he was later called as ‘slinger’ Malinga.

As his bowling action was square arm the batsmen found difficult to have a clue about his bowling action and how the ball was ultimately delivered. He lately in an ODI match captured 4 wickets in four balls. This is still an unparallel in the bowling records
Malinga’s success was owing to his correct identification by Champaka Ramanayake through whose influence he was initially trained at the SLC and. to be a member of the Sri Lanka cricket foundation. Though he commenced at a slow pace he gathered momentum as with time to become a mature player. The unstinted support given by Champaka Ramanayake gave the necessary path and guidance to some to fame.

It had been revealed many times by the Australian great fast bowler Jeff Thomson that Malinga do not follow the basics needed for fast bowler It was an action of his own invented by himself. It is known that Jeff Thompson was the greatest fast bowler during the 1970 decade apart from those furious fast West Indian bowlers.But he was never accused to a chucker by anyone .

From the age of 16 to date although he played cricket with distinction for 13 years he is still 29 years old. Along with his cricket his personal life too had changed. It is learnt that owing to family land conflicts they had moved to Moratuwa. However he had gone to his native Ratgama village during weekends.

Lasith had got married to a pretty girl from an ordinary family who had appeared in commercials. Some years ago he had purchased a house along Dickman’s Road for sum of exceeding Rs 400 lakhs. He is married now and has a small daughter.

Malinga’s life was made prosperous via the IPL. He sacrificed playing for IPL as it was a way to earn such a lot of money. He decided not to play in Test matches and he had sent a medical certificate from India by fax to the SLC his inability to participate purely because he wanted to play in IPL.

He has had developed a bad temper when at a place which has so much of  money tries to deprive him from obtaining his legitimate share of the money he is entitled for. What went wrong was he let off his temper at a bad place and at a bad time.

If he remained with the Ratgama thugs there would be no one to talk about him. However Malinga was able to climb up like a diamond.  For him to come up the coaches Admistrators helped him, his fans cheered him and supported him as well as the humble media personnel All those who rendered him help never expected anything in return. To express appreciation and gratitude a small smile would be more than sufficient. (Gossip Lanka News)

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