Sri Lanka Opposition Leader launches a commission to study violence against women

women violence     Sri Lanka Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe has appointed a commission to look into the violence against women and the steps needed to be taken to prevent such violence.

The commission commenced its work ceremonially Thursday at the parliamentary complex. It is expected to study the violence and abuse against women and produce a report in the next six months.

He said measures have been taken to provide all necessary facilities to the commission through the parliament and the report of the commission will be presented in parliament similar to a presidential commission.

Launching the commission, the Opposition Leader said it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent violence against women and it is an urgent need to find ways to prevent such violence.

Wickremasinghe pointed out that in Sri Lanka not only minority rights but the majority women’s rights have also not been safeguarded. He said he had directed the commission to study the situation of the women’s rights and the violence against women and report to him within six months.

He explained that a large number of women employed overseas in Middle East and other countries bring in a massive income to the country. Also a large number of women are employed in the garment industry and in plantations and without their contribution the country’s economy will collapse, he pointed out.

“Therefore we need to protect the rights of these women who provide their service to take the country and the society forward,” the Opposition Leader said.

The commission to report on the violence against women is chaired by former secretary general of parliament Priyani Wijesekara who has been appointed to the working committee of the UNP.

Wickremasinghe said that a commission can be appointed by anybody but only the state commission has legal powers to summon a person before it to grant evidence.

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