Usual allegations closer to UNHRC meetings: Army

  SL army       The Sri Lanka Army today charged that whenever a UNHRC meeting is to take place, some pro-Tamil separatist organisations abroad come up with various allegations to tarnish Sri Lanka’s image but they die down when the meetings end.
“They use lies, half-truths, rumours, and numerous forms of speculation and interestingly these come up as we get closer to a UNHRC meeting but die down thereafter,” military spokesman R. Wanigasooriya told Daily Mirror online.
He was responding to latest allegations by Britain’s Channel-4 depicting photos of the slain LTTE Leader’s youngest son while he was alive and after his death.
Brigadier Wanigasooriya said during the last few UNHRC sessions, those pro-Tamil separatists groups came with various types of allegations as well.
“If there is genuine concern in bringing perpetrators to justice the concerned parties have to make complaints to the police with whatever evidence have rather than floating rumours and baseless allegations through the internet and other media. I wish they were more interested in having these investigated, and if they cooperate with credible evidence we shall solve these once and for all,” he said in a statement to the media.
The Brigadier also said that no substantive evidence has been presented for the Army to launch an investigation. “Unfortunately, it appears that the parties who float such baseless allegations never want these to be investigated or solved.  They want to keep them as mysteries to tarnish the country’s good image as and when it suits their agendas,” he said. (Daily


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