medical          The committee appointed by the Health Ministry to inquire into the amputation of the arm of Achala Priyadarshini in its report has found that negligence of the health staff had lead to the incident.

The left hand of law student was amputated after she was transferred to the Colombo National hospital from the Matara hospital where she had been admitted with a bone fracture caused by a fall at her home. Achala Priyadarshini was admitted to the Matara Hospital on January 17 with fracture injuries in her left hand, after falling down a flight of stairs at her home.

A team comprising Health Services Director Laal Panaapitiya and three Specialist doctors was appointed for carrying out thel investigation. The specialist doctor, intern medical officers and nursing staff of the hospital involved in treating the law student are responsible for the medical mishap according to their report.The Health Ministry stated that they will be served with charge sheets and that the Public Service Commission has been notified to take disciplinary action.

A few days ago 5-year-old girl Buddhini Kaushalya died during a MRI scan in a private hospital and giving evidence before Colombo Fort Magistrate at the inquiry into the death of her 5-year-old daughter on Monday the witness said that the child was recommended three blood tests and an MRI scanning by the doctor who checked her daughter, and 30 minutes after her daughter was put into the MRI scanning machine, after being anesthetized, a sound was heard she said.An MRI safety company said that the fatality could have resulted from a quench—cryogen gas escaping into the room and displacing oxygen.

Meanwhile in another cases of Medical misadventure giving evidence at the inquiry into the death of his 38-year-old wife due to alleged medical negligence at a private Hospital in Colombo, Upali Gunatilake a resident of Thummodara informed the Colombo Fort Magistrate that his wife was transferred from the private hospital to a government hospital in a critical condition while his 13-year-old daughter was detained inside a hospital room until the hospital bill amounting to rupees one million was settled by his brother-in-law.

Responding to inquiries as to whether there should be an authority to monitor these private hospitals the health ministry said that In order to monitor the activities of the private hospitals and other medical institutions, by the Health Ministry it is proposed to pass resolutions and the relevant bills in the Parliament and steps in this connection have already been launched.

The Ministry of health has already taken steps to amend the Act with regard to monitoring the activities of private hospitals and the related medical institutions. It is reliably learnt that 60% of the powers vested with the private hospitals are to be taken under the purview of the Ministry of Health.




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