Horana Coconut case withdrawan

minor child          The case filed against the 13-year-old girl who had allegedly stolen 08 coconuts from a garden was withdrawn from the Horana Magistrate’s Court today by the plaintiff through a motion.

The coconut stealing incident became one of the most sympathetic cases and was controversial as the law says that if the accused is a minor (aged 18 or less) and the case productions is worth Rs.5,000 or less, the matter should necessarily be referred to the Mediation Board. The Mediation Board Act was amended about two years ago to include this clause and it appears that the Police and the Magistrate might have been unaware about this amendment.

The girl in question  had stolen the coconuts to  raise funds by selling them as her teacher had asked students to bring Rs 800 each to paint the walls in the school class room.

The magistrate further stated that girl’s education had been gravely effected due to the unnecessary publicity given to the incident by the mass media and emphasized that media should act responsibly regarding issues of such nature.

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