Tamil Eelam Flag Hoisted in Geelong City, Australia


The Tamil Eelam flag was hoisted at the Geelong city in Australia at the Labour Union building at Geelong city on 4th Feb, by a small group of Tamil supporters of the LTTE domiciled in Australia.
After the defeat of the LTTE by the Sri Lankan armed forces 4 years ago, peace has returned to the Island nation with the Tamil people coexisting peacefully, with the LTTE and the demand for a separate state no longer existing within Sri Lanka. The demand for a separate state has now become the cry of the expatriate Tamils who no longer call Sri Lanka their home.

Secretary of the Geelong Labour Union, Tim Gooden addressed the gathering stating that, they will continuously support to protect human rights of Tamil community and criticised the Australian government on maintaining friendly relationship with the Sri Lanka government. Tamil Eelam activist Karan Mayilvaganam and Dominic Santhiapillai also spoke.

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