presIn his address to the nation, on the 65th Independence Anniversary celebrations, held in Trincomalee, President Mahinda Rajapakse said that “The UN charter gives no powers to interfere in internal affairs of countriesthat nothing contained in the present UN charter has authorised it to intervene in domestic issues.”

Dismissing criticism against his government as baseless misinformation, he invited critics to “come over and see for yourselves”. Reconciliation and development would be the best answers to false propaganda, the President said.

He said that Sri Lanka’s foreign policy was that of non-alignment and it was necessary for the country to build a new era in foreign affairs based on that policy, which was essential for the freedom of Sri Lanka. In addition to traditional relations Sri Lanka had established new links with Asian, African, Arab and Latin American countries

The government would not leave any room for racism and religious differences in the country. “It is necessary to state on this occasion that as much as racism, religious differences too can be a cause for the destruction of a country. It is not only the Government, but the Opposition too has the responsibility to safeguard this freedom we have won the President said.

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